Saturday, April 8, 2023

The Weather Channel; Maybe It’s Just Me…

And it usually is but it seems to me that the weather forecasting business is going way too far to justify their existence and keep you tuned in. They take themselves way too serious.

We, as an informational society, were at one time satisfied with; Will it rain or not, and will it snow or not? Really, what else do we need to know? If it rains, will run to the shelter house or garage.

It seems to me they’ve invented terms never used before and pretend they’ve always used them. It started with El Nino. Shoot, when I was a kid no body ever heard of an El Nino. At first, I thought it was the sidekick of Zorro.

When I was a kid it was a Harvest Moon and that was it. Now there’s a Blood Moon, Blue Moon, Wolf Moon, Hunger Moon, and on and on. Yeah, I know some of these may have been named a millennium or more ago but we got along just fine without them. The Weather Channel pulled them from the drawer, dusted them off, and started using them for no other reason than to make the weather sound more ominous, vital, and interesting than it really is.

And when did the “bomb cyclone” come into existence? It’s a storm. There is no cyclone or bomb involved. The Weather Channel began to push the term in the 80s. Who wants the hear about a storm when a Bomb Cyclone attracts more viewers?

So I looked on my weather app today, and what did I see? A warning of a Hydrologic Outlook. This term is scary. It’s meant to scare. It is so new my spell check doesn’t recognize it.

So what is a Hydrologic Outlook? It’s what we used to call a flood watch, or conditions exist that may cause flooding.

I know what to do when it floods; run for high ground. But a Hydrologic Outlook? There’s no escaping. I can’t run from that. I need The Weather Channel.

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