Thursday, April 13, 2023

Knit Sweater

I have this old knit sweater

It is green, worn, in tatters

Its days have seen much better

Not style to me that matters

It’s been a steady mate,

and seen me through a lot

Fits no matter what my weight

fun times, serious, and not

Kennedy assassination

The beginnings and the ends

The raise and fall of nations

The passing of dear friends

No matter what the season

Every time that I wear it

Snow, rain, hail, heat, or freezin’

All my ole friends also bare it.

I know it will outlast me

when the dreadful comes along

The ole knit ne’er to be free

Just to me it will belong


  1. I had a green sweater that my mother knit for me. I wore it so much it became tattered but it is now long gone.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I think everyone has an ole green sweater in their old wardrobe. It's not so much the sweater as it is the memories.