Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Why Do Writers Write?

I don’t know why writers write. I’m speaking of creative writers.

Speaking for myself, it is much more than telling a story.

Personally, I only know of one other writer. Hours have been spent talking with him. He’s a good man. To me, he tries to make sense of the world through the use of his stories.

At times that requires manipulation of the facts. What I mean is to arrange things to make sense of something. It’s like the baseball batting order in the starting lineup; batters are arranged in the order that their skills are most needed. There’s an old adage often quoted by fiction writers. “life doesn’t make sense, fiction has to make sense.”

Many of my friend’s stories follow a common thread; the downtrodden and oppressed have more to offer than what others are willing to accept. There is goodness and value in all. Give all a chance because there is value in everyone. Like I said, he’s a good man.

There is so much more to be written on this subject. And by people who are more contemplative and deeper things than I.

As for me, some of my stories are often fiction but based on real things experienced or witnessed. However, I have a rule. When I write a story it is best to be considered fiction as described in the first sentence of this paragraph. When I tell a story it is factual and truthful remembered.

My novel, The Desperate Summer of '62, is somewhat autobiographical. The first chapter describes a time when Rich Larsen ate at a restaurant with two of his friends at the same time they went to a movie. In reality, the time at the restaurant took place a year later. However, everything else in the first chapter is as I remember. The reason for this manipulation of facts was to give more context to Rich Larsen’s personal conflicts.

My meandering thoughts boil down to a question an old high school buddy asked a few years back. “Why do you write these stories, an alter ego?” Tough question.

Like many artists; painters, sculptors, song writers, etc, they try to reshape reality in order to make sense of it. They want to discover the beauty, grace, and elegance of life and existence in a more perfect way.

Yes, I know, that is not the reasons for many but those are mine for the moment and they can be shared by whoever wants them.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

It’s Not Writer’s Block, It’s Something Else

 I don’t ever recall having writer’s block. However, I’ve experienced writer’s—well, I don’t know what to call it. I just don’t feel like writing.

It’s a period I’m going through right now. I’m working on a novel. I have the direction to proceed. I really like the characters, setting, and plot.

Maybe it’s like ignoring a friend you really like but just don’t want to put the energy and emotion into engaging them. You always have a good time with them but you don’t always need a good time.

The feeling soon passes. Old friends get together and before you know it everything else in life has been placed on the back burner. You sort of catch up on what you have been avoiding.

I suspect I’ll get back to my novel. Those characters are in a crowded waiting room in my head waiting for me to give them life, dialogue, and thoughts. They don’t know where the story is going and likely some anxiety has set in.

Just in passing, I’ve started two characters as being near villains. But I couldn’t do it to them. One will remain a pain in the neck but there will be sympathy for him. You have to do good wherever you can.

Writer’s Neglect is what I’ll call it. And that’s what it will remain until something more descriptive comes along. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

People Worship The Grass They Walk On

 People who spend more time on their lawn than with people are sick. They are to be avoided but don’t worry, if you are not one of them they will avoid you anyway.

“Grass worshipers” is what a couple of friends called them. And it fits.

Grass worshipers have lawn globes. That’s where they worship and sacrifice earthworms to the great grass god and founder of Scott’s Miracle-Gro, Orlando Scott. 

For the grass worshiper, the globe serves several purposes. First, it is their place of worship. It is their holy shrine. It is their statue of Mary. Sometime between midnight and sunup grass worshipers bow down to the holy lawn globe. It gives strength, vitality, and a brighter shade of green to their grass. Second, grass worshipers believe the lawn globe is an intergalactic communication medium. This is where messages are transmitted from the cosmos; “Use more nitrogen.” Third, the lawn globe is a beacon for intergalactic space transport. When “they” come. That’s where “they” will be attracted. It is a friendly beacon from earthly believers. The grass worshipers will be spared what is destined to occur. Grass worshipers have actually been known to have been abducted by little green humanoids. 

The grass people are competitive about their lawns. They always brag about it. If you say you don’t care, you are marked as an infidel. 

They take care of their lawns for no other reason than to make themselves superior to others. Conversion is not their purpose; it’s separation. If you make any attempt whatsoever to prove your lawn better they will spray it with grass killer as you sleep.

They will mow when not needed and trim closer than a barber giving a six-week haircut.  They do it for no other reason than to convince others their grass is really growing that fast. They’ve been known to mow three times in one day.

Grass worshipers don’t ever use their lawn for recreation—it’s hallowed ground. You will never see one with a croquet set or volleyball net. 

They can’t bear to watch golf or baseball on real grass. They can’t imagine walking on grass in spikes or cleats. It would be like a vegan watching a Ted Nugent video.

Here’s all a person needs to do to care for their lawn; a used mower and spray tank of weed killer. The weed killer is for the trim.

If you have to mow more than once a week you’re living wrong. Most folks I know work on a ten-day cycle. That way you ruin only about one weekend a month. And if you’re really lucky it will be raining that weekend.

All kidding aside, I respect a person who cares for their lawn. Without a lawn, they could be doing something else that may actually bring harm to others. 

Yet, we want to get along in the world around us; be a good neighbor, and don’t cause needless offense. For that reason mow your grass but reasonably. Once a week is enough.

You might even buy a trimmer. The sound will put a grass worshiper to sleep. 

You don’t have to be a jerk or join their cult; just mow your lawn.

I just don’t want them lecturing me on fertilizers, pre-emergents, and aeration methods. They have their religion and I have mine.