Friday, April 21, 2023

R Is For Ross

 Ross is the name of the main character in a novel I am currently writing. He is a man convicted of the murders of a family. All evidence points toward him. There is nothing to exonerate him.

Ross will escape from prison. The escape is based on a prison break where I once worked. Of course, everything else is fictional.

Thus, I’m having a hard time. I enrolled late Here’s my April priority list; (1) Family visit. (2) Yardwork had to be done. (3) Furniture had to be moved. (4) Write a novel. (5) Contribute to A to Z challenge. (6) Sleep.


  1. That pesky sleep. So many more things would get done if it wasn't on my to-do list under survival needs (along with eating). I've never written a prison break, although a lot of my characters end up on the wrong side of the bars. (

  2. Always, so much to do. Best of luck on your book. Great post! Hopefully you're enjoying the A to Z Challenge as much as we are this year.
    ~ The Operation Awesome Team

  3. Thanks, much. Really into my novel and no time for A to Z.