Saturday, September 14, 2019

Phone Calls Interrupted by Life

I have wanted to talk to Annabelle for quite some time. We had dinner, movies, and an afternoon at the park. We seem to be enjoying one another. I know her job is important and she has many friends, but really; the constant interruptions by text messages and phone calls leave little time to end what we have started talking about or for that fact start. I can’t tell you how many amusing stories I told her and never have been able to get to the amusing part. When she returns to the conversation it is as if nothing was said prior.
The other day we met for coffee. I was not going to insist she put her cell phone away, but I was determined to stay on the subject.
We had a formal greeting, ordered our coffee, and sat on the sidewalk accommodations at our favorite place.
I smiled politely.
Her phone vibrated. “Excuse me,” she smiled. “I must return this.”
She thumbed a return text.
I wanted us to talk about…”
Her phone buzzed. “It’s a client.” She spoke and laughed for a moment.
There is something important we…”
The phone buzzed again. “It’s my partner. I’ve got to take this. We’re about to close a contract.”
She finished speaking and laid the phone on the table. She smiled and sipped her coffee. “Yes.”
You seem to enjoy my…”
Another text came in.
My mother, she just started texting,” Annabelle said. “If I don’t return it she’ll be crushed.”
I smiled.
She stashed the phone in her purse.
I smiled. “Relationships are funny things…”
There was another buzz. She fished the phone from her purse. “Oh, an old friend. Let me get this.”
I smiled and whispered. “Be back in a minute.”
I walked around the corner out of Annabelle’s sight and dialed her phone.
Hello,” she said.
This is Jonathan. I wonder if we could speak for just a moment?”
Actually, Jonathan,” Annabelle said. “I’m with somebody right now, can we talk later?”
Sure, we’ll talk later,” I said. “Bye.”
I walked back to our table and sat down. “Who was that?” I said.
An annoying young man who has been trying to get my attention,” Annabelle said. “Now where were we? You were about to say something important.”
Ah, it seems I forgot,” I said.
You know,” Annabelle said. “I really don’t like it when people start to say something and then it’s ‘oh, never mind.’”
That’s right,” I said. “That’s what I wanted to say, ‘Maybe we are not so compatible. Perhaps it‘s time we not see each other, move on.”
She smiled to cover the surprise. “Well, aren’t we something. As soon as you leave I’ll call the man who just called me and I’ll have a date just like that.”
Don’t count on it,” I said and left.
Making my way to the corner I turned and looked back. She punched the callback number on her phone. My phone vibrated. Wow, she had no idea who I was.