Friday, July 16, 2021

New Byron Lehman Novel; The Big Boon

Recently I released my latest novel, The Big Boon. It is available on Amazon in the Kindle version or in hardback.

Thadeus Storm, a quiet man from Kentucky, looks for meaning in his life through service to his country. He does not find it. However, he finds another way to bring meaning and purpose to his life. First, though, he experiences a lifetime of adventure before settling on a way to help others.

As a writer, I try to develop stories about people who come upon something good and decide to share it to enrich others. That is a theme I’ve used in several of my novels. It comes from a Bible principle that what we have is ours to share. It’s a gift from God to share. It is sharing that makes us complete. (Acts 20:35)

I hope you enjoy the story and in some small way moved to share just a little of what you have with others.

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