Saturday, May 9, 2020

New Byron Lehman Novel

The novel, A Good Year On Belle Ile en Mer is now available on Amazon. 

It is a part of a larger novel, The Pilgrim’s Return, a Rich Larsen adventure. The reason for publishing it as a separate work has to do with the story; it deviates somewhat from the adventure novel. It is a love story.
There are those who prefer love over action. The love story is so compelling it deserves to stand on its own.
The protagonist, Rich Larsen, sails to an island, Belle Ile en Mer, on Biscay Bay off the French coast. What started as only a stop-over of a few days turns into a year.
He helps friends with a project of remodeling a chateau into a hotel. He gains new friendships. However, and most importantly, he meets Bridgette. This simple farm girl becomes the love of his life.
You are invited to enjoy Rich Larsen’s good year on Belle Ile en Mer.

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