Thursday, April 30, 2020

New Byron Lehman Novel Just Released

The novel, The Pilgrim’sReturn is now available on Amazon. 

It is the seventh novel in the Rich Larsen adventure series.
This novel finishes Rich Larsen’s seven-year journey that started as a fifteen-year-old farm boy in Ohio. At that time, he became perplexed by the events around him with no real guidance on how to interpret or deal with them. Thus, he runs away from home—and his adventures begin.
Rich Larsen’s adventures start on the coast of Maine. He lives there for three years. Circumstances necessitate that he abruptly left. He sets out on his desire to sail around the world.
He first sails to South America, through the Strait of Magellan. He next finds himself in the South Seas. Then off to adventures in Australia. Africa is the next stop.
Here are the previous Rich Larsen novels:
The Pilgrim’s Return takes the reader from the intrigue left behind in the novel, African Escapade. Rich visits the Canary Islands, the island of Madeira, and a year on Belle Ile en Mer off the coast of France in the Bay of Biscay.
The novel includes encounters with a former middleweight boxing champ, an international assassin, and unscrupulous treasure hunters. It would be remiss not to mention Rich Larsen also finds love.
The year Rich lives on Belle Ile en Mer is in the novel, The Pilgrim’sReturn, but that year is also a novel on its own. It is titled, A Good Year On Belle Ile en Mer. It will soon be available on Amazon.
You are certain to enjoy The Pilgrim’s Return.
Good reading, my friends.

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