Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Release of New Novel by Byron Lehman

It gives great pleasure to announce the release of my 15th novel and 6th in the Rich Larsen Adventure Series. The novel is titled African Escape
The premise of the Rich Larsen books is to chronicle the saga of a young man driven from home and his
adventures of sailing around the world. 
The last adventure, Ere The Ghan And After, took place in Australia. In African Escape Rich finishes a voyage across the Indian Ocean and makes port on the east coast of South Africa.
His adventure starts from the moment he steps ashore. He helps two desperate men escape from a brutal national police force.
They sail to the other side of Africa and come across a cache of diamonds. The gems are part of a struggle between US government covert agents, an unsavory criminal mastermind, and despotic leaders who want them.
The novel takes the reader to places like Dakar and Zanzibar, not to mention a desert ghost town. And along the way, unforgettable, compelling, good, and bad characters.
It is available now on Amazon digitally or in paperback.
You will enjoy every episode of Rich’s adventure; African Escape.

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