Monday, January 27, 2020


Look at poor old Joe over there.”

Yeah, sure looks like he got the wrong end of the stick.”

Does anybody ever get the right end of the stick?”

Sure, they do.”

How come you never hear about it?”

What do you mean?”

Nobody ever says look at old Joe over there, it sure looks like he’s got the right end of the stick.”

Let’s go see if Joe has the wrong end of the stick with him.


So if somebody ever tries to hand us the wrong end of the stick we can say no thanks, give me the other end.”

I ain’t gonna bother Joe. After getting the wrong end of the stick he might not feel like discussing it with anybody.”

Yeah, that’s not a thing you talk about very much.”

That leaves the question, where are all the right ends of the sticks and where do they make ‘em?”

There should be some sort of public service announcement to warn people what the wrong end of the stick looks like.”

If we could have just one we could find out which end of the stick is the good one or bad one.”

Look there! It’s a stick.”

Don’t pick it up. It might be the wrong end.”

Both ends look alike.”

There has to be a way of knowing without picking it up.”

Let’s ask Joe. He would know.”

Nah, can you really trust a guy who’s already got the wrong end of the stick?”

Yeah, that’s risky. Misery loves company.”

We definitely need a public service announcement.”

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