Friday, March 17, 2023

Murder; Maybe It's Just Me...

 And usually, it is but have you ever noticed in every single instance when somebody is murdered, everybody says the person murdered was about to turn their life around? Dang! What bad luck.

The person who gets murdered is often a lifelong drug abuser, in and out of rehab or prison all their adult life. They have a dozen or so failed marriages or relationships. Finally, they meet the love of their life (another loser about to turn their life around), find a job at Taco Bell, and after four tries finally get their GED.

They are found dead in a crack house laying on a urine-soaked and stained mattress. They’re in a room full of crackpipes, used needles, human fecal, and half a jar of Cheese Puffs.

And the media always find a cousin named Delbert who says their life was about to turn around.

The lesson; if you’re a loser, stay that way, cause if you’re about to turn your life around you’re likely to end up dead. 

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