Thursday, March 9, 2023

Maybe It's Just Me...

 And it usually is but my half-gallon of ice cream is now 48 ounces instead of 64. I know they aren’t saying it's a half-gallon but they (grocers) and stocking it where the half-gallons used to be.

Here’s the problem; for most of my life I had a half gallon figured out to five servings. We had five in the family; three scoops for each of the kids, four goes to my wife, and I get five. (I’m the breadwinner and bigger.) As the children left home I adjusted to the ration of ice cream but by the time all the kids left home, I could get an extra night or so of ice cream for my wife and me. And I will admit to still taking the lion’s share.

Suddenly while dishing out the ice cream I noted a shortage of sorts. In order to get my five scoops they had to be adjusted smaller. It was then I checked the package and noted they were now 56 ounces. I adjusted. The result was buying an extra 56-ounce container every month. I think the ice cream people knew this all along.

Now mind you, the price never went down. It stayed the same for a while but soon raised.

Now we’re at the 48-ounce container. And the price in some instances is almost three times what was paid for 64 ounces. I'm not buying more ice cream just more containers.

Here’s what is really crazy; a pint of Ben and Jerry’s cost as much as some 48-ounce containers. Now thank you. 

So I’m warning everyone; ice cream is merely a leading indicator. A gallon of gas will soon be 100 ounces instead of 128. You heard it here first.

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