Friday, September 16, 2022

Whistling And Missing

Today, for some reason, I found myself whistling the song Three Coins In The Fountain. (I don’t whistle well.) It is a song few know or remember. It is a Sinatra song and made popular at the same time the movie entitled Three Coins In The Fountain came out in 1954.

I immediately thought of my sisters, Becky and Charlene. They were teenagers then and if still alive would be in their 80s today.

They gushed over the male leads in the movie. The plot developed around three American girls who worked in Rome and hoped for love.

I remember my sisters singing the song when it came on the radio.

“Three coins in the fountain

Each one seeking happiness.

Thrown by three hopeful lovers.

Which one will the fountain bless.”

Likely they dreamed of venturing to Rome; finding happiness, blessings, and romance. They never went to Rome—and I hope they found the other things.

Anyway, I was just whistling and thinking about my two sisters and how much I miss them.

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