Wednesday, September 14, 2022

I've Been Gone

Well, not really; just sort of a break. Not really; been writing. And currently recovering (I hope) from COVID--bummer. 

Starting Monday, September 19th, my newest novel, A Place Called Serenity will be serialized. 

The setting is the first years after World War Two. Bo Tanner returns from the war. He tries to pick up on a life that barely started before going off to war. Bo trudges through life looking for answers and meaning. To reveal more; well you'll have to follow along.

Often folks wonder where novels spring from. I don't know about other folks. This novel comes from a time when I was very young. I remember the men who came back from the war and just went on as if nothing happened. They didn't tell war stories. In fact, it was the absence of war stories that fascinated me. 

Does it carry a message? Indeed, the absurdity of war. 

The goal, as in the past, is to post three episodes a week. Sometime before serialization is complete it will be made available in its entirety on Amazon.  

Hope ya'll enjoy. 

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