Wednesday, January 25, 2023

New Novel Just Released; "A Place Called Serenity"

 My latest novel, A Place Called Serenity, is available on Amazon; digitally or in paperback

It has been serialized on The Short Story Cafe for the last few months.

The novel’s backdrop takes me back to the days before going to school. My memories are vivid of a small rural neighborhood my family lived during the late forties and early fifties.

The book is fiction. The characters in the book are based on those I remember. The events are fiction yet based upon a vague and foggy memory.

The location of the mythical settlement of Serenity is about 2 and ¾ miles south of Lima, Ohio. It’s just east of an overpass on State Route 25.

The main character, Bo Tanner, returns to civilian life after World War Two. His desire is for an uncomplicated and quiet life. However, for a reason he’s not quite sure, he returns to Europe several years after the war to resolve things in his mind.

He found that war erased something from his memory; something he could not live without.

Purchase and enjoy.

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