Thursday, August 12, 2021

Gun Control

 It was a slow week at Billy Bronco’s, a local watering hole.

Last week there was a shooting. There was an argument about gun control.

Three guys came into the bar, Joe, Hank, and Pete.

After the argument, their views changed dramatically.

Joe said he didn’t think guns should be in the hands of private citizens.

Hank immediately began quoting the second amendment. Of course, Joe said that was open to interpretation.

Pete didn’t care one way or another so Joe and Hank asked Pete to be the arbiter. They presented their arguments with passion and reason. So much so that Pete could not declare one the winner over the other.

You are both my friends,” Pete said. “Your arguments are persuasive and articulated well. I just can’t make up my mind.”

What do you mean you can’t make up your mind?” Joe said inches from Pete’s face.

I mean what I said,” Pete said backing away.

You’re a coward not to take a stand,” Hank said backing Pete off his stool.

That is my stand,” Pete said. “It pleases no one.”

Hank reached inside Joe’s coat and pulled out his concealed handgun. Hank fired one round through Pete’s foot.

Pete screamed. “You idiot! You argued for gun control!”

Yes!” Hank said. “To keep guns out of the hands of idiots like me.”

The police and rescue squad were called.

Joe was arrested for carrying a weapon without a permit. Hank was arrested for discharging the weapon and shooting Pete. Pete was taken to the hospital, treated, and released.

It has been six months since the shooting. Pete walks with a limp and carries .45. He swears if he sees Joe or Hank he’s going to put a bullet through their foot. But it will be controlled; “I’m shooting feet only.”

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