Sunday, January 23, 2022

 I’m pleased to announce the current serialized story, The Ship of His Dreams, is now available at Amazon in a digital format as well as paperback

Of course, one can continue to read it three episodes per week on this site. That will take you to the middle of March. However, if you wish to complete it now it is available for $5.00 or $10.00; Kindle or paperback.

A Word About The Title

There was some hesitancy in using the word “dream” throughout the writing and title. “Dream” sometimes suggests doing nothing. It seemed appropriate to settle on “dream.” The main character, Lincoln Abbot persisted. He made his dream a reality rather than just a dream.

If you decide to purchase a copy; enjoy and thanks much. If you should decide to continue to visit this site and finish reading The Ship of His Dreams; enjoy and thanks much. 

Also, an invitation is extended to all to visit my author's page at Amazon. There you will find a complete list of my novels. 

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